Childbloom Guitar Recital“Christopher had a great time at his lesson; he is anxious for the next one.  He practices everyday without a reminder from me!”


“I have to let you know that Tyler is having a blast with guitar lessons, practices quite often, and is proud of his progress (as are we)”


“Hattie really loves playing the guitar – especially when Mom or Dad are around to listen!  Hattie has learned much and is excited to be working through the book now.  Thanks for your encouragement, Geoff.”


2014 National Guitar Director of the Year“Harrison came home and played for at least 45 minutes before bed…I’m really happy that he is getting excited about it, you never know how a kid is going to react.”


“I am so proud of what Rocky has accomplished so far as a 4 year old.  He really loves guitar and I have no trouble getting him to practice during the week.”


“Thanks for all you do!  Lexi loves the guitar lessons:)!”


“You do a great job with the kids – thanks!  See you next Monday!”


2015 Childbloom Guitar Recital“Abby is so enjoying guitar! Thank you so much for all your patience&wonderful teaching!”


“I want to commend you once again on being a great teacher. Tyler really enjoys the lessons and guitar in general. I thought I’d have to remind him to practice, but usually we just hear him practicing on his own because he finds it fun and rewarding.”


“When I picked him up after school, he said, “I like my guitar lessons”.  That really means something because the lesson competes with some shows he likes to watch on TV.”


Childbloom Guitar Performance at the Pavilion“Hi Geoff and the rock star guitarists from the Childbloom Guitar Program, On behalf of the Washington Pavilion, the Sidewalk Arts Festival, and the many adoring audience members who loved your performance, THANK YOU! It was so wonderful having you join us inthe ampitheater. You added such a great element to the festival! We sincerely appreciate your willingness to perform. It was awesome!”– Kaia Mogen, Special Projects Coordinator for the Sioux Falls Washington Pavilion


“Geoff Gunderson’s knowledge base and demeanor make him a perfect teacher for young children.  He is the type of person I would want teaching my child.”– Kevin Taylor, Founder of the Childbloom Guitar Program